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Lampoon 26 Muscles Issue

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Lampoon is a magazine with an editorial identity based on respect for all human diversity. We support anyone who wants to bring a positive message of civic and social engagement. In order to construct our narrative, we investigate contemporary aesthetics. We produce editorial photography by bringing creativity and fashion in progress, challenging the state of the art.

Lampoon 26 – the word is muscles

The title Lampoon Issue 26 is not about generic and varied strength – the word is MUSCLES. Muscles that can hold you in a hug and belong to respectable people. Respectable people, beyond their sexuality and personality, beyond any gender difference or equality, beyond even their kindness, remain people who know what they want. Who have the muscles to be worthy of what they fight for; they are the people who bring you flowers.

Featured in the Fall 2022

Issue of Lampoon Within Lampoon / The MUSCLES Issue are the works of Spyros Rennt brings the sunny eroticism of Greek-inspired bodies, Daniele Fummo and Tereza Mundilova reflect in darker tones on the meaning of the power of self-assertion and self-determination; Roman Goebel set his story in Monaco digging into Helmut Newton’s vibes; Vitali Gelwich and Niki Pauls step on the gas and hail the thrill of speed and more.

Cover image Maisie Cousins

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