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Henrik Vibskov - Book 2

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Henrik Vibskov 1-3 (1997-2020)is a collective work consisting of 3 books that describes the multidisciplinary designers development, work process and
contribution to the art and design scene over the past almost 20 years. The books are released and distributed internally from the Vibskov studio and are developed in collaboration with the award-winning graphic design studio, Spine Studio.

Books 2 and 3 continues with the same graphical structure from where Book 1left off in 2012 with work up until today and shows the development in Vibskov’s practice as both fashion designer, curator and exhibition- and installation artist. Where Book 1 describes a young designer in the process of developing his expression, Books 2 and 3 describes how an established,international designer works without losing the playful and exploratory nature in his practice. The last two volumes are arranged unchronologically according to recurring themes in Vibskov’s work with written contributions from inspirational people including Olafur Eliasson, Erykah Badu, Alexander Ekman and Cecilie Manz.

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