Henrik Vibskov's Spring Summer 2023 collection title called Bird In Face


For the Spring / Summer 2023 collection, Henrik Vibskov investigates the elements of bridges - a construction born from the hands of humans, allowing the feet to touch where only birds used to inhabit. Now, a bridge acts as a transition from one place to another, where humans and birds can combine their spheres to be coherent in a moment in motion.

The silhouettes are inspired by the shapes and characteristics of bridges, where the construction meets the body it arches and wraps itself around the human form. The prints take inspiration from modular systems and distorted motives, using different scales to show abstract sensations or creating moving scenarios that differ from romantic to distressed. The birds are flying in between the collection, making the pants, dresses, shirts, and jackets their nest. The collection's color palette references the colors of nature and the manmade, showing the contrast between the calming blue and green with the noise of the orange.

The title 'Bird In Face' refers to the meeting point of human and nature - making the universe and a bridge between human and nature, and letting the collection film become a bridge between the collection and the viewer.