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Mona Danesh Scarf - 65x65


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Mona Danesh Scarf
from Woman Life Freedom Charity

Is an Iranian-American illustrator who makes colorful art inspired by their heritage about identity, redefining beauty, and having fun.
Place: Ohio, USA
Education: BFA in Illustration
Profession: Illustrator & creative

My design is inspired by the Persian word “Shir Zan” which means courageous woman (lit. lion woman). I thought this was a fitting representation of the brave women fighting for their rights in Iran’s revolution. The lion woman in my design is breaking the chains that once weighed her down while brandishing a sword, showing her will to fight. The scissors are for all the people who have cut their hair as a symbol of mourning. The fist, combat boot, and molotov cocktail are for resistance against the regime. The paper doll chain on the bottom shows unity between the different types of people in Iran. I wanted my design to be a combination of the resistance and unity of Iranians who are fighting for a brighter future.

Made in Italy.
Measurement: 65cm x 65cm
Composition: 100% Viscose Satin

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