Luksus / Repertoire Vinyl

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If you have a hard time remembering who Luksus is, their individual names will definitely ring a bell.

The group consists of Mikael Simpson (guitar, vocals), Lise Westzynthius (vocals, piano), Henrik Vibskov (yes, the designer - on drums) and Georg Rune Andersen (bass). As a band, they existed and played together from 1994-2001.

Together they released the EP "Luksus" (1997) and the album "Repertoire" (1998), before disbanding the band in 2001 and going their separate (solo) ways. Both releases have had great significance for indie fans and stand as the starting point for a golden age in Danish-produced music.

Now both releases are released together in one release and for the first time on vinyl - "Repertoire" on white vinyl and "Luxus" on black vinyl.

Vinyl is signed by Henrik Vibskov.

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