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Lavender Bowl - Lavender flowers on Creme / Green

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Lavender Bowl in  Lavender flowers on Creme / Green by S.H.Y. Ceramics. 

- creme base with lavender and green 
- flower motifs 
- bowl 
- made by hand 
- each pattern is hand decorated and unique 
exterior of the bowl is left uncoloured, so you can see the “raw” red clay through the transparent glaze
- use for food and good for every day use
- wash by hand

H: 7 cm / Ø: 20 cm

All bowls are hand thrown and turned on wheel.
When the clay is leather hard the bowl is coloured and hand
decorated with slip* in many layers. This technique is very old and called slip trailing.

*Slip is clay mixed with water and some kind of colour such as oxides and stains.

Each bowl unique and unlike factor made products, the shape, color and detailed patterne of each piece will be slightly different from each other. 

Each piece is signed and numbered.

Designer ID: E2963
Colour ID: Lavender flowers on Creme / Green.

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