RE-ZIP boxes on top of each other with text: RE-ZIP, Return, Reuse, Reduce.

Choose RE-ZIP

- and save the environment for disposable packaging

By choosing RE-ZIP packaging you are a part of reducing single-use packaging and part of a greener future.

RE-ZIP is circular packaging that is returned after use so it can be reused. When you choose RE-ZIP at checkout, you contribute to a greener transition by reducing the consumption of disposable packaging and you earn a voucher when you return it. RE-ZIP packaging can be used up to 30 times - the CO2-emissions are 84% lower, when compared to a traditional single use packaging.


How it works: RE-ZIP how the process works. Reusable packaging.

We are happy, when our customer makes an active choice to support circular economy. Therefore, we reward a return with a 10% discount code to our webshop.

How it works:

Select RE-ZIP's circular packaging at the check-out
•  When you receive your order, scan the QR-code and register your parcel to return it to Re-Zip
•  Find the closest delivery point via Re-Zip app, return the packaging and you will receive your 10% voucher via e-mail
• The packaging will be returned to the warehouse to be cleaned and made ready for the next round 

Read more about RE-ZIP here