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The special edition 'côte&ciel Hermansen Bike One' collab e-bike blends the companies' shared passion for mobility concepts and travelling in style. The colours are inspired by côte&ciel’s SS22 VELO series (velo means bike in French), and the result is an eye-catching bike with its Signal Orange frame, Hermansen's signature chrome plated rear stays, Cool Grey battery and crank arms and orange anodised details.

côte&ciel Hermansen Bike One is an urban, unisex, single-speed e-bike. The uniquely designed, asymmetric frame is compact, strong and light weight. Combined with its 20” wheels it’s highly maneuverable and offers an agile yet no-sweat riding experience. The e-bike's compact size and low weight make it easy to take it with you on the train, by car or up and down a flight of stairs. 

(If showing images with the bags: The bags featured on the collab e-bike are a black ISARAU VELO crossbody and a brick red SARU backpack. The bags are designed to carry your stuff when on the go, and a special feature of this version of the ISARAU crossbody is the buckles that allow the bag to be clipped onto the bike frame. 9

FRAME: The main frame is made of classic Reynolds tubes. These refined, cold-worked, mandrel butted steel tubes have been chosen because of their weight saving, high-strength and high-performance qualities. The rear stays are chrome plated chromoly tubes.

MOTOR: Bike One is powered by an intelligent, small and silent 250W rear hub motor. It is a pedal assist motor which means that it kicks in when you pedal and stops when you stop pedalling. The maximum motor assisted speed is 25 km/hr to comply with EU regulation. The motor has four power assist levels, which are controlled from a smartphone app that also displays info about your speed, battery level, watt consumption and more.

BATTERY: The battery that powers the motor is a handy, bottle shaped Li-ion battery - presently the highest energy density battery on the market. The battery is placed on the seat post securely fixed with a magnet and a strap which makes it easy to detach for recharging. The battery has an up to 40 km range depending on the chosen power assist level, terrain, wind, riding style and rider. The size and weight of the battery make it easy to bring a spare for longer trips.

AWARDS: Red Dot Design Award, Monocle Design Awards 

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Delivery time 4-5 weeks due to component delivery times for this special edition.

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