Henrik Vibskov AW17 Pre-Collection is now available in our CPH, NYC store and online!



Henrik Vibskov is having a solo exhibition in Andersen`s Contemporary in Copenhagen. The exhibition can be seen from 9 June until 12 August 2017.

Andersen`s Contemporary
Amaliegade 40
Gallery opening hours:
Wed-Fri 12-17
Sat. 11-15

by lassen 3 days of design kubus
hay 3 days of design
embassy of Switzerland


3daysofdesign is back with more than 70 showrooms! During 1-3 June Copenhagen will be filled with various opportunities to experience and engage with refreshing new takes on design. You will get the chance to participate in events, happenings, product launches, exhibitions and design talks. With dozens of brands opening up their showrooms, holding events, talks and tours, you’re sure to find a way to experience some of the best design of the Danish capital, whether you’re in the industry or not.

For those who want to take part but are too overwhelmed, Vibskov Team has selected a couple of events we recommend!

Be surprised by a tactile and visual experience showcasing iconic and new furniture design in an innovative blend of colours and materials created by Kvadrat/Raf Simons. Explore a refined fairground merging the world of fashion and furniture in a sophisticated and playful way.

Fredericia Furniture,
Løvstræde 1, 4th floor
1152 Copenhagen K
Free entry

Hear Søren Lassen, the grandson of architect Magnus Lassen, give a talk on how the iconic Kubus candleholder is made. This will be interesting for designers and interior-lovers alike!

Holbergsgade 20
1057 København K
1:00 – 2:00 pm
Free entry

Thursday 1 June, HAY
HAY will join 3daysofdesign with an exhibition at the historical Lindencrones Palæ, originally designed by the royal architect Nicolai Eigtved. Presenting the Result Chair and Pyramid Collection, relaunched by HAY and Ahrend and designed by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld.
Also featuring the first preview of the new HAY Kitchen Market, a collection of kitchen accessories curated by Mette Hay and including designs from the likes of Inga Sempé, BIG-GAME, Richard Woods and Clara Von Zweigbergk.

HAY, Sankt Annæ Plads 1
1250 Copenhagen K
Free entry

An Exhibition at HAWAII BIO in Vesterbro introduces into the work of young and emerging Swiss design in an urban atmosphere. In a collaboration with Swiss Arts Council PRO HELVETIA the EMBASSY OF SWITZERLAND invited many renowned talents.

1620 Copenhagen V
20:00- 22.00
Free entry

Friday, 2 June, STUDIO X VIADUCT
STUDIO X Viaduct is a Copenhagen based studio run by Creative Director Kristine Meier Carlsen, part of the London-based showroom Viaduct, established by James Mair. Studio x viaduct presents a carefully curated selection of Italian furniture, lights, ceramics and literature from the 1960`s in a gallery setting. The studio, connected to Atelier September, shows Kristine`s distinct and playful selections and style in a beautiful, lively setting

Atelier September
Gothersgade 30
Copenhagen K
Free entry

Open for the first time since it was built in 2012, the home of Niels Strøyer Christofersen is the aesthetic window into the Frama universe. This is an apartment that’s been featured in all the major magazines and you don’t want to miss seeing it in-person. The building itself – a 1905 Østerbro beauty – is worthwhile too.

Strandboulevarden 21
2100 København Ø
12:00 – 4:00 pm
Free entry

Saturday 3 June, HOUSE OF FINN JUHL
Spend a cosy day in our showroom at Frederiksgade 1. It will be possible to see our newest additions to the collection up close over casual talks. Snacks will be served all day.

Frederiksgade 1
1265 Copenhagen K
Free Entry

totem collective x frama celebration
totem collective x frama celebration
totem collective x frama celebration
totem collective x frama celebration
totem collective x frama celebration
totem collective x frama celebration


What an amazing celebration at our Copenhagen store last week! Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us the new launch of TOTEM COLLECTIVE AND FRAMA. Have a look at beautiful pictures by Sjuloves.

Very special thanks to our sponsors: Newcastle Brown Ale, Jarritos Nordic and Absolut Vodka

Henrik Vibskov Designs Costumes for War Sum Up

While most fashion designers are 100 percent focused on their collections this time of year, the ever-talented Henrik Vibskov brings his pieces straight into the spotlight as the Costume Designer for Japanese Manga opera War Sum Up. Bringing together music, manga, and machines, War Sum Up is a visual impression of the nature of war given through the three stories of The Warrior, The Spy, and The Soldier.

With 12 singers and striking light design, the show is “inspired by Japanese culture and its powerful expression of poetry, pop, precision, and brutality. This is reflected in the music, libretto, costumes, and the visual universe. The costumes represent today’s fashion, but are formed as flat body parts that emphasise the two-dimensional reality of the image presented on stage.”

The opera can be seen the 15 May 2017 at the Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival!

Henrik Vibskov presents Totem Collective

For the launch of TOTEM Collective, infamous Chinese photographer Ren Hang shot and curated the book "BAO", meaning bag, embrace, treasure and protection in Chinese. The book is a series of images interpreting the intersection of our universes. We are proud to be showing Hang's work in our boutique. Ren Hang was a powerful photographer/poet with his controversially progressive yet impossibly genius vision. Come and join us in celebrating his genius, in what was sadly to become one of his very last works.

Additionally, we are happy to host the release of the TOTEM Collective X FRAMA collaboration in our CPH Henrik Vibskov Boutique, with a series of one-off styles based on the philosophy of Danish interior studio Frama.

TOTEM Collective
This modern creative started as a project between four young men coming from all around the world, within Asia and Scandinavia. It gathers culture, music, art and fashion aiming to create contemporary essentials products. Totem Collective was born with functionality and aesthetics, to give inspiration resulting in a unique material. By supporting artists, designers, and photographers, the brand has a permit to develop and transcend ideas and visions in a creative movement.

The Frama headquarters and Studio Store is located in central Copenhagen within the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder. The former home of the St. Pauls Apotek established in 1878, the building still has it’s original woodwork and architectural elements. The synergy between the past and present elements of the space is a direct link to how Frama defines their main interest within the creative field as a dialogue between two opposite poles; classical and contemporary approach – between digital and analogue production.

Music by:
DJ Lunatic

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Newcastle Brown Ale

Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!
Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!
Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!
Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!
Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!

Henrik Vibskov Gets Paris Solo Exhibition!

The Maison du Danemark on Paris’ Champs-Elysées is celebrating the eclectic work of Henrik Vibskov, starting tomorrow!

The avant-garde Danish designer and artist will stage a solo exhibition at the country’s cultural centre, which he will have free rein to transform for the occasion, from May 11 to July 16. The exhibit will showcase Vibskov’s multiple means of expression, including his fashion designs, sculpture, video and installation work. Renowned for his whimsical, imaginative catwalk shows, inspired by his passion for art, dance and theatre as well as fashion, the exhibition has been conceived as a full immersion into his creative world.

The exhibition will house an assortment of his ‘organic’ sculptures, alongside video installations, excerpts from his catwalk sets, pictures and fashion creations. Among them, items from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection surrounded by dozens of breast sculptures, those of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection displayed with a set of tribal pictures, some gigantic 3D items from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, and a selection of ‘mask dresses’ from the Summer 2015 collection will be artistically featured.

This is not the first time Vibskov will be showing in Paris, previously the designer has been invited to exhibit at the Tokyo Palace and at the Galeries Lafayette department store, as part of the ‘Neck Plus Ultra’ exhibition in 2013.

Henrik Vibskov has also exhibited at PS1-MoMA in New York, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, at Washington’s Textile Museum and at venues in Rotterdam, Kyoto, Milan and Helsinki.

Henrik Vibskov Exhibition
Maison du Danemark
142 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France
12 May - 16 July 2017
Free entrance

the new creatives


What an amazing celebration at our Copenhagen store last week! Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us the Scandinavian talent THE NEW CREATIVES: FLOCK, BERGGREN STUDIO and WEARETHEFACES! Have a look at beautiful pictures by Sjuloves. Flock and Berggren Studio pieces are now available in our CPH store and online!

Very special thanks to our sponsors: Newcastle Brown Ale, Jarritos Nordic and NOMESS CPH



What is the message behind your brand name “WeAreTheFaces”?

The faces are the artists we collaborate with. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain, like we had a meeting once and we came in and were like “Hello, we are the faces but we are not the faces, we are the faces behind WeareTheFaces.” And everyone just sat there – totally confused. So you see, it is very difficult to describe, but I think as soon as our website is online it makes sense!

Your whole concept is new I think, so what is different compared to other brands?

We both come from fashion and it is mostly about the brand and the name. WeAreTheFaces is all about the artists we work with and not about us! During the whole process of development, we discuss how the collection should look like, which fabric we need and any other details with the artist. He can create the collection as he wants to and we are in the background, managing everything so he doesn’t get interrupted.

On March 17th you’ve launched three collections. What is special about them?

We think that our pieces aren’t just fashion or clothing. At the moment we collaborate with artists who already have their own fan community and the idea behind each collection is to have a piece of wearable art. The artist´s fans can collect his artworks and wear them, that's the main idea.

Would you describe establishing WeAreTheFaces as your dream job?

Yes, because it’s different every day. There are never the same problems as yesterday so you have to grow steadily to overcome obstacles. With every new collection comes a new artist which means the whole process of development is completely different and that’s what our work is like. It’s all about learning and a lot about teamwork.

If you had to describe your work with only three words, which ones would you choose?

That’s very difficult, because as we said it’s something different every day but we think that “fun”, “learn” and “experiment” are the ones that fit best.
We are having a lot of fun together and that’s very important. Learn – as we said we have to learn and grow every day and experiment because that’s what it is. It is all a big experiment!


Tove Berggren’s design track record includes names like Henrik Vibskov, Hussein Chalayan, House of Dagmar, Minimarket and many other brands balancing between art and fashion. This is a natural choice for a woman who has degrees both in textile design and fine arts. With Berggren Studio, Tove is establishing a new brand for which she is the sole creative director. The relationship between art and fashion will continue developing, now seen from her own perspective.

Though Berggren Studio is Copenhagen based, Tove’s Swedish roots are the base of much of her inspiration. Her print universe is the base from which a strong connection to shapes, colours, and ambiance of the Nordic nature is apparent.

Berggren finds perfection in the imperfect, that is why many of her prints are created as a graphic experience to be explored and perceived individually, in the same way as people experience each other differently.

Tove’s many years in the fashion industry have equipped her with a philosophy that forces her to not only create, but to work in a collaborative way. Whether sketching a collection or engaging in a collaboration. Tove does her utmost to entice her customer’s curiosity and to add to a business that has already seen so much. See more about her work at