Fresh wind from western Europe brimming over with the typical spanish temperament - that’s our next studio intern and drawing guru, Tiscar. Read more about her in the second part of our interview series and find out what she recommends for Christmas.

Hey Tiscar! Tell us something more about you and your background?
I come from the south of Spain. I was lucky to be born in a creative family which helped me find and experiment with my inner creativity. So, I decided to study Fashion Design in Madrid a few years ago. Before I came here, I was working in different Spanish brands and tailors.

So how did you end up in fashion?
I have a great interest in the different forms of expression that human beings have in all the creative languages. I found in fashion design an amazing way to experiment and play with the creation of forms, volumes... I believe that the most interesting part of fashion is the creative act: the work of dressing the human body but with an idea or a concept that justifies or makes sense to the form that we generate.
I like this search from which forms and creations emerge sometimes provoked, sometimes

What brought you to Henrik Vibskov? Is there any particular reason why did you decide to apply?
I decided to apply for HV because I was always interested in the work or the brand. I like
how they look for new garments forms and its esthetic sense in the designs and
constructions. I also admire how they understand fashion more than an industry; its more
related to the culture and the art world. Now, that im here learning everyday, I understand that is the best choice that i could take!

Tell us a secret from the studio? We won’t tell Henrik. Misong has the answer (scroll down to find out)

How do you like Copenhagen so far? Any favorite spots to recommend?
I enjoy this city a lot. Copenhagen has something that you can’t explain with words. I can feel inspired everywhere. It has all different kind of art, music, design, culture, people... I just enjoy only walking around its charming streets.

Favorite spots: Atelier September, Absalon, and for sure, Den Plettede Gris (hihihi)

Tiscar’s Gift Guide:
Henrik Vibskov Cape Coat Stripe
Henrik Vibskov Letter dress
Bernhard Willhelm Play Sandals

#TeamVIBS: Say Hi to Misong!

#TeamVIBS: Say Hi to Misong!

Holidays are just around the corner and to spice them up a little bit, we prepared some interviews with the current Interns at the Henrik Vibskov Studio.
In the very first interview we are going to talk with Misong, coming from vibrant London, where she studies at Central Saint Martins. So keep on reading and if you are still desperate about Christmas gift ideas, Misong has some tips for you!

Hey Misong! Tell us something more about you and your background?

I am a little volcano, made in South Korea. I love discovering different values in space and time, that tells the
stories of (extra)ordinary people and their passion.

So how did you end up in fashion?
To be honest, I am still not familiar with the word fashion. I don’t want to sound serious though, to me,
fashion is kind of junction where all different types of art, design and culture meet. I have found it very
exciting when they intertwingle and generate a new creative social venue. And fashion which is full of ironic
sense has strength in swelling up such a phenomenon. Okay sounds boring enough.

What brought you to Henrik Vibskov? Is there any particular reason why did you decide to apply?

I went to Henrik’s exhibition in Seoul last summer, which was full of colours, patterns and weird stuff, but wonderful.
Yes,I got a crush on it and decided to fly to Copenhagen to tell him about that.

Tell us a secret from the studio? We won’t tell Henrik.

One thing about Henrik, no one has seen Henrik without his hat. There are two suppositions among interns –
1. {O} 2. O + {^}

How do you enjoy Copenhagen so far? Any favorite spots to recommend?

Copenhagen is special. I had been based in London – such a big and busy city. I still love the intensity but
sometimes, I need a break from it. And Copenhagen is exactly on the contrary - I myself, can slow down a bit
and enjoy a piece of rye bread with calmness.

Favorite spots: Frama / Beau Marché; where you can find fine furniture, art work and wine at once!

Misong’s Gift Guide:
Jil Sander Navy Single Breasted Coat
Henrik Vibskov OY Cardi
Henrik Vibskov Monograph


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Henri at Artbasel

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Photo by Gayaman

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