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All In No.5 - Material Girl

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ALL–IN N°5, ”Material Girl,” centers around a fictional character’s collection of printed materials and takes the form of a limited edition box including a 7” vinyl with exclusive music by Smerz, Isabella Lovestory, and Lolina, a compressed printed towel, photo prints, and other collected materials. Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies, hand assembled by ALL–IN.

Bror August
Benjamin Barron
Joanne Burke
Jack Day
Miss France
Pascal Gambarte
Laëtitia Gimenez
François Gravel
Hannes Hetta
Luca Khouri
Liv Liberg
Luigi Lineri
Isabella Lovestory
Colette Lumiere
Rare Books Paris
Eloise Parry
Berenger Pelc
Bianca Raggi
Étienne Saint-Denis
Andrew Sauceda
Ryan Skelton
Natasha Stagg
Alix Vernet
Camille Vivier
Haley Wollens
Emma Wyman
and many more.

224 pages
35 drugstore photo prints
7" translucent pink vinyl
Compressed heart-shaped printed towel
Found metro ticket, erotic playing card, and candy wrappers
Hand-written post-it notes
Box wrapped in neon pink fishnet with business card

1 kg
19 x 25.5 x 4.5 cm

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